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Presenting the Link Pathway


The Link Pathway is a rural bike path that will allow users to cycle, run, or walk along the canals and along the beautiful fields of southern Alberta's agricultural heartland. This path will provide the region with a unique and new experience, allowing users to experience our beautiful region in its full glory. 

But before we can proceed with construction, we need to collect feedback from YOU - its future users - on what you think of the project for presentation to Lethbridge County Council as they consider final acceptance of the project. We encourage you to take the following steps. 


Review the Route

Includes information on

- Route segments

- Bridges, underpasses, and infrastructure placements

- Picnic shelter locations

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 12.33.15 PM.png

Read the Research

Includes information on

- regional benefits and liabilities from rural bike paths

- safety assessment with quotes from RCMP officers

- impacts to property owners

- consultations with adjacent land owners

- recommendations for project development. 

Review Feedback


Includes summary of the survey results:

- 243 responses from Lethbridge, Coaldale and Lethbridge County (and other Southern Alberta communities) 

- concerns raised

- comments of support 

- how survey was promoted to maximize number of responses 

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

Henry Doeve
Chair, LINK Pathway Committee


Thanks for submitting!

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