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Thank you for your interest in the Link Pathway! 

Hopefully you can find the answer you're looking for below. If not, please feel free to contact us

Will there be access points along the route for emergency vehicles?

Yes. The pathway crosses several county roads and makes contact with Highway 512 at several points as well. In addition, the pathway will be 3 metres wide, allowing for emergency vehicles to drive along it when necessary.

How can I help?

You can help by sharing the Link Pathway project with your friends and family, by following us on social media, and by donating!

How can I access it in Lethbridge?

We are working on the final plans to join Lethbridge. We would like to take advantage of existing infrastructure where possible.

Will there be trees along the route?

Yes, we have planned and budgeted for the planting of trees along the pathway to provide shade at rest stops along the route.

What is someone falls in the canal?

We will do everything to ensure that proper signage is installed and that people are informed to use the pathway safely.

Will you allow motorized vehicles?

We do not intend to allow motorized vehicles, however electric bicycles and scooters may be allowed with certain speed limits.

Will there be washrooms along the route?

We have plans to construct a picnic shelter in honour of the Cor Van Raay donation at an appropriate halfway point. This facility will have public washrooms available. We are currently working with the City of Lethbridge and the Town of Coaldale to work more public facilities into the plan.

When will it be ready to use ?

Phase 1 begins in Coaldale and ends just before crossing Highway 512. Construction of Phase 1 has started and is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2024. As funds become available, we will be able to begin construction from Lethbridge to Howe Road in 2024 as well. We are hopeful that with continued support and donations, we will have enough money to complete the pathway construction by the end of the 2025 construction season (not including amenities such as benches or picnic shelters).

How long will the pathway be?

The pathway itself will be just under 15km long. It will tie into existing pathway networks in Lethbridge and Coaldale.

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